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August 20, 2021, 12:14.21 am ET

Photo: Museum of Broadway                                                                         

The Museum of Broadway, which will now officially open next summer at 145 West 45th Street, has launched its e-commerce site. One can now purchase a limited selection of merchandise, including mugs, using the artwork of the legendary Al Hirschfield. In addition, there is a variety of apparel – including sweatshirts, caps and face masks – as well as magnets, key chains and other souvenirs available for purchase.

The museum will be dedicated to the storied history, legendary artistry and lasting legacy of Broadway musicals, plays and theatres. It will offer guests a unique look at the rich history of Broadway, a sneak peek behind-the-scenes, and a chance to personally engage with the “Game-Changing” shows that redefined Broadway forever. An onsite retail store will open when the museum does.

To make a purchase or for additional information, visit