Mandato Bakery Comes of Age in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

December 4, 2022, 2:40.54 pm ET  


Mandato Bakery has always been a destination for Mexican-style cakes and breads, but in recent months has expanded into delicious dougnuts and festive cakes.  One of those cakes is this beautifully designed strawberry-filled cake with chocolate icing celebrating the vibrancy of Mexico. Others include Tes Leches, and Cheesecake.

Other offerings include apple turnovers in the shape of leaves and over-sized fluffy donuts in assorted flavors like chocolate, apple and others filled wiht blueberry and strawberry mousse. Savory items can also be found like assorted tamales (get there early), along with Mexican style sandwiches, tacos and quesadillas. And with a steady stream of customers they must be doing something right!

Mandato Bakery is located at 7220 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 748-2724

For more information, visit Mandato's Instagram page.

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