Mezcal Flights This Month from Female Producers at Tortazo

August 2, 2022, 11:37.48 pm ET  

Photo: Tortazo                                                                                                     

This month Tortazo - celebrated + 7-time James Beard awarded chef Rick Bayless' fast-casual Mexican spot with locations in NYC (Nomad) and Chicago - introduced a flight of Mezcals highlighting three of the category's most exciting female producers + Maestra Mezcaleras.

For $30, you'll taste through three curated Oaxacan mezcals including Mezcalosfera (Espadín), La Medida Chichicapam (Tobasiche) - crafted by Maestra Mezcalera Berta Vasquez, touted as one of the most exciting female talents in the category, known for her work with tall & slender Tobasiche - and, last, but not least, Real Minero (Largo) from brother/sister producers Edgar & Graciela Ángeles Carreño; Graciela is widely considered a thought-leader in the field, applying her extensive historical research on agave and mezcal to each blend they produce- employing several botanists in-house that are dedicated to continued research, preservation, and plant-studies as well as maintaining a nursery and laboratory, all of which inform each liquid the brother/sister team produces.

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