New Thrill Ride Called RiseNY Opens in Times Square

March 4, 2022, 11:03.41 am ET  

RiseNy, Times Square, Thrill Ride
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RiseNY, a one-of-a-kind new attraction featuring a soaring ride that allows visitors to experience the Big Apple from a bird’s-eye view, paired with museum exhibit galleries saluting iconic aspects of the city, has officially opened at 160 West 45th Street

The attraction’s centerpiece is a multi-sensory flying theater that takes riders on a thrilling sky-high tour of the Big Apple. Once on board and lifted 30 feet into the air, guests will hang suspended as they are whisked away on a sweeping journey over and through NYC’s unmatched skyline, landmarks and world-famous events while inside a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome featuring 8K aerial footage that simulates the sensation of flight. A soundtrack featuring Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” and Frank Sinatra’s “Theme From New York” further evokes and capture the quintessential spirit and energy of the Big Apple.  

RiseNy, Times Square, Subway Tour

The attraction begins in a re-creation of the city’s first subway station where visitors enjoy an immersive film about NYC’s global impact by award-winning documentarians Ric Burns and James Sanders, narrated by famed actor Jeff Goldblum.

RiseNy, Times Square, Broadway

After the film ends, a present-day subway car virtually transports guests to seven galleries -- Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film -- which showcase the pop-culture evolution of NYC.

RiseNy, Times Square, Music Exhibit

RiseNY is created and produced by Running Subway – a New York-based entertainment production company – in partnership with several world-class cultural institutions, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of American Finance, Museum of Broadcast Communications & Radio Hall of Fame, The Museum at FIT, Skyscraper Museum, Tribeca Festival, and David Bushman, former head curator at The Paley Center. RiseNY will donate a portion of proceeds from ticket sales to each of these partner institutions. 

For tickets and more information about RiseNY, visit

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