New Upsilon Gallery to Showcase Works by Artist Osvaldo Mariscotti

February 22, 2022, 7:40.52 pm ET  

Artist Osvaldo Mariscotti
Photos: Upsilon Gallery/Artist Osvaldo Mariscotti                                                               

Upsilon Gallery, a leading art gallery and fine print publisher specializing in International postwar and contemporary art, is opening its new flagship location on the Upper East Side (23 East 67th Street) with its inaugural exhibition “Kaleidoscope” by artist Osvaldo Mariscotti on February 25th.

The “Kaleidoscope” exhibit focuses on Mariscotti’s study of the symbol, both individually and as a group in the development of language. Select works to be showcased will include: Origins from 2020, oil on canvas (3 panels); Firenze from 2021, oil and enamel on canvas; Spar from 2021, bronze; Infinity from 2014, oil and enamel on wood; and Melody from 2016-2018, oil on canvas.

Upsilon Gallery Founder Marcelo Zimmler
Upsilon Gallery Founder Marcelo Zimmler

Founded by Director Marcelo Zimmler in 2014, Upsilon Gallery has office locations in New York, Miami and London by appointment only. At Upsilon, Zimmler and his team are committed rediscovering a roster of accomplished artists that have been forgotten or overlooked within a historical scope.

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