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New York City Council Announces Outdoor Dining Legislation

May 29, 2020, 5:56.54 pm ET

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Speaker Corey Johnson and other Council Members are introducing legislation requiring opening up spaces throughout the five boroughs for outdoor dining amid the COVID-19 pandemic. NYC Hospitality Alliance, NYS Latino Restaurants, Bars, & Lounges Association and restaurant owners joined the Council in a press conference announcing the legislation.

“As we continue to address the struggles due to COVID-19 and try to move forward, supporting New York City’s restaurants, bars and dining establishments is essential as they have been especially hard hit by this crisis. Expanding outdoor dining space will not only help these restaurants thrive financially but give our City a sense of normalcy. The restaurant industry is a huge part of New York City. No matter where you live, you love your local restaurants. This legislation will help give all New Yorkers better access to enjoy and support their local restaurants,” said Speaker Corey Johnson.

The legislation will require the City to identify open spaces (including sidewalks, streets, and plazas) where restaurants and bars can follow social distancing measures and safely serve customers outside. It would create a fast, simple permitting process that would allow outdoor service thorough the City to start quickly once we begin re-opening.

Read the full release here