New York City restaurants reopen at 50 percent capacity

March 10, 2021, 5:24.30 pm ET  

New York City restaurants to reopen at 50 percent on March 19
Photo: St Tropez/Michael Tulipan                                                                   

Restaurants in New York City will soon be allowed to reopen at 50 percent of capacity.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey's governor announcing the change will take effect on March 19th.  Here's what Governor Cuomo had to say about it:

"In New York State, our decisions are based on science and data and we are encouraged by the continued decline in infection and hospitalization rates," Governor Cuomo said. "In partnership with the State of New Jersey, we are expanding our indoor dining openings in New York City to 50 percent. We will continue to follow the science and react accordingly. If we keep the infections down and vaccinations up, we will continue to stay ahead in the footrace against this invisible enemy and reach the light at the end of the tunnel together."

As for the rest of New York State, restaurants will be allowed to reopen at 75% of capacity.


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