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Noz 17 Brings Superb Sushi to Chelsea

December 22, 2021, 11:29.12 pm ET


Noz 17, a new sushi-ya from the team behind critically acclaimed restaurant Sushi Noz on the Upper East Side, has opened on 17th Street and Tenth Avenue in Chelsea.

Chef Junichi “Matsu” Matsuzaki will helm the seven-seat sushi bar, where his omakase 30-course tasting menu will focus on the natural beauty of his ingredients, which rely on the team’s extensive network in Japan and their ability to source ingredients directly from local suppliers. The menu will change micro-seasonally depending on ingredients sourced and offered on that particular day.

Image: Sushi Noz                                                                                             

The restaurant was designed by Kyoto-based design firm Sankakuya, a team of Miya-Daiku specialists and experts in the Sukiya architectural style seen in historical and religious structures throughout Japan. As is the case at Sushi Noz, the restaurant’s interior comes together without the use of a single nail.

The meal at Noz 17 will be $400 per person (not including beverages and taxes) with seatings available at 6pm and 9pm Mondays through Saturday.

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