Nusr-Et Steakhouse Opening in the Meatpacking District

May 5, 2022, 8:11.48 pm ET  

Nusr-Et Steakhouse Opening in the Meatpacking District

Nusr-Et, the steakhouse named after flamboyant Turkish restaurateur and entertainer, Nusret Gökçe -    aka Slat Bae, now has a second location in New York City’s Meat Packing District.  Salt Bae is best known for his wrist action when it comes to flicking salt on his prized cuts of beef.

The menu is just as flamboyant with a Golden Tomahawk, covered in 24-Karat gold leaf, selling for more than $1,000, and a Golden Burger for $300.  Down-to-earth offerings include Sirt (mustard-marinated beef), whole rack of lamb, and a bone-in ribeye called the Ottoman Steak. Seafood options are also available like grilled prawns, Salt Bae crab cakes, and grilled salmon with asparagus and mashed potatoes drizzled with lemon herb butter.

Nusr-Et is located at 412 West 15th Street, New Yok, NY

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