OneSeed Brings its Health Driven Cuisine to Tribeca

October 14, 2021, 5:50.32 pm ET  

Photos: OneSeed                                                                                      

Veggies are taking center stage at OneSeed in Tribeca where Founder Nicki Hamilton aims to make eating well accessible and fun. It includes vegan dishes like “Oh My, Chocolate Pie” and “Matcha Pistachio Bars.” The entire menu is free of gluten, refined sugars, as well as added hormones and antibiotics.  

There are six mainstay dishes, including: Zoodles Bolognese with zucchini noodles, grass-fed ground beef, and seasonal vegetables in a fire-roasted tomato marinara; CauliPower Curry made with cauliflower rice, free-range marinated chicken breast, fresh roasted veggies, and toasted almonds drizzled with a coconut red curry sauce; and the Unbound Burrito with brown rice, grass-fed beef, bell peppers, black beans, oven-roasted tomatoes and jalapenos.  A rotating list of specials is also offered along with fresh fruit-infused sparkling waters and iced tea.

OneSeed is located at 111 Murray Street, New York, NY

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