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A Conversation with Celebrated Chef Bryce Shuman.
February 8, 2023, 11:44.14 pm ET


Photo: Bryce Shuman

Michelin-starred Chef Bryce Shuman, who also garnered three stars from the New York Times while leading the kitchen at Betony, now has a starring role at two more popular New York City restaurants. He currently serves as Executive Chef of upscale American restaurant, Sweetbriar, and is the Culinary Director at GG Tokyo which has a strong Japanese influence. Shuman also doesn’t take himself too seriously, recently serving up his “Ribwich” sandwich at Sweetbriar with a portion of the proceeds from each sandwich sold going to help feed hungry New Yorkers.

In our Q&A Series, CITITOUR had a chance to ask Chef Shuman about his recent endeavors:

QUESTION: After working the kitchens at Betony and Eleven Madison Park, is your new spot, Sweetbriar at the Park South Hotel, where you see upscale dining heading in New York City?

SHUMAN: “There is always a place for upscale dining in NYC, a few ritzy restaurants around town will always be packed. I don’t know what is in the heads of those owners but if I was opening a fine dining restaurant now a days I would find a way to shorten the experience, offer all the amazing ingredients and cool techniques but not keep people for 5 and 6 hours. I’ve decided to open a more casual restaurant, and that is super fun, but it doesn’t mean everyone is headed in that direction.”

QUESTION: At Sweetbriar, you’ve been experimenting with live fire. How has it changed the way you look at food?

SHUMAN: “You know, I don’t know if it has changed the way I look at food, but I am certainly enjoying the flavor cooking with wood gives the food.”

QUESTION: What are your favorite dishes at Sweetbriar?

SHUMAN: Spicy Mangalitsa Pizza. The Burger. Chocolate Mousse.

QUESTION: You are also serving as the Culinary Director at GG Tokyo, which is about as far away as you can get from the menu at Sweetbriar. What led to your interest in Japanese cuisine? And do you see a melding of the two?

SHUMAN: “I love Izakaya, a fun bar where almost anything goes. The food reflects that. You know we are not quite melding the two together yet, but there might be some Brisket Rolls in our future...”

QUESTION: Do you have any new projects in the works?


QUESTION: When you are not eating from your own kitchens, what type of foods do you like to eat?

SHUMAN: Sichuan Chinese

QUESTION: Finally, What does Chef Bryce Shuman do for fun?

SHUMAN: “I love hanging out with the Family. My daughter is amazing, she set up a crepes stand on the street and sold chocolate and cheese crepes while I was in the back cooking them up. We had a blast.”

We’d like to thank Chef Shuman for participating in our Q&A series and wish him, and his teams, much success!


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