Pastrami Queen's new sandwich spot on the Upper West Side

December 29, 2020, 6:59.52 pm ET  

Pastrami Queen, Upper West Side, NYC, interior

One of New York City's most famous Jewish delis can now be found on the Upper West Side. Pastrami Queen, on West 72nd Street, is serving up its famous hot pastrami sandwiches and a lot more. In fact, there are a dozen different sandwiches offered including corned beef, brisket, roast beef, tongue and chopped liver. The meats also can purchased by the pound and half pound. Expect an added cost if you want it "extra lean" and "extra heavy" on the meat.

Pastrami Queen, Upper West Side, NYC, Pastrami Sandwich

Visitors will also discover several soups like motzoh ball and chicken noodle. Oversized knishes (potato, kasha and meat) also make an appearance along with traditional potato panckakes served with apple sauce, and stuffed cabbage.  

 Pastrami Queen, Upper West Side, NYC, Stuffed Cabbage

The shop also offers a chicken dinner special for under $40 that includes a whole chicken (fried or rotisserie), a quart of soup, and 3 sides including mashed potatoes, cole slaw and kasha varnishkas made with kasha and noodles. Catering is also available. Everything is made from scratch and Kosher.  

 Pastrami Queen, Upper West Side, NYC, Knishes

Pastrami Queen has been around since 1956. The late Anthony Bourdain once called its pastrami sandwiches "the real deal" and a "quintessential New York meal." 

Pastrami Queen, Upper West Side, NYC, Exterior

Pastrami Queen is located at 138 West 72nd St, New York, NY (212) 734-1500


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