Paul Rudd mask video targets young people: Cuomo

September 16, 2020, 10:48.03 pm ET  

 Covid-19, Paul Rudd, PSA

With coronavirus cases breaking out on college campuses, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has tapped actor Paul Rudd to get the message out about the importance of wearing a mask. Governor Cuomo approached Rudd and asked him to a do a PSA, a video, "that really gets to young people."  Here's how it all went down.  

Cuomo: "Paul Rudd says on the video, "the Governor said I was 26. I didn't correct him." But look, he is a masterful performer and it is funny as heck, but it's also powerful. It's gotten 9 million views in like 24 hours and that's the audience we have to talk to; we have to talk to young people." So, Paul Rudd says, "yeah, I can do it."

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The PSA goes like this: "Yo, what up dudes? Paul Rudd here. Actor and certified young person. A few days ago I was talking on my iPhone with my homey, Governor Cuomo and he's just going off on how us millennials need to wear masks because, get this, a lot of COVID is transmitted by us millennials.  No cap. So Cuomo asks me, like Paul, you gotta help. What are you like 26? And I didn't correct him." 

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Rudd goes on to says masks are "totally beast" adding, "Slide that into your DMs and twitch it." In the end Rudd is scene wearing a mask himself. 

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