Peasant is Putting a new Spin on Espresso Martinis

December 15, 2021, 8:08.01 pm ET  

Photo: Michael Condran                                                                                  

Beverage Director Scott Woltz of Peasant, led by Chef Marc Forgione, is crafting a list of Espresso Martinis using Amaro in place of traditional vodka. We’re told the idea came to Woltz after a boozy lunch with a friend after misreading a restaurant’s after-dinner menu.

The result is a cocktail that replaces vodka with various types of amaro including the Alpine Espresso Martini which incorporates Braulio Amaro, known for its foresty, herbaceous, and piney notes; Mint Espresso Martini with Fernet Branca, the popular Italian digestif made with a secret mix of herbs including myrrh, saffron, chamomile and gentian; and the Peppery Espresso Martini using Luxardo Amaro Abano, which has an assertive zesty and peppery aroma.  In all, there are five different cocktails to choose from.

Peasant (194 Elizabeth St, NYC) is also known for its seasonal Italian menu including hand-made pastas and wood-fired dishes served in a rustic setting.

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