Poster House Opens Two New Exhibitions

February 24, 2022, 5:23.01 pm ET  

Image: Poster House                                                                                 

Poster House in Chelsea in opening two new exhibitions on February 25.

“The Utopian Avant-Garde: Soviet Film Posters of the 1920s” focuses on the decade-long period in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution when a group of young, talented artists helped define a new Soviet visual culture. Showcasing stunning movie posters by Alexander Rodchenko, the Stenberg brothers, Semyon Semyonov, and many more, this exhibition explores the origins, high points, and eventual demise of this golden age of Soviet graphic design.

“Ethel Reed: My Own Story” tells the story of Ethel Reed, the best of a very small number of women poster designers at the turn of the century, who shot to fame and disappeared from public life after two years. The exhibition examines her often overlooked work, revealing a heavily autobiographical, dark and defiant thread that mirrored her personal life. Her struggles represent the greater challenges of being a female artis tin the male-dominated art world of the late 19th century, while also touching on issues of class, addiction, mental health, conservative societal expectations, and sexuality.

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