Powerful Flavors at Namkeen in Williamsburg

March 28, 2022, 11:28.36 pm ET  

Namkeen, Hot Chicken, Williamsburg, Interior
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When you think of Chicken and Waffles, Pakistani food may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  But Namkeen is taking Pakistani flavors to new heights in a laid back space in Williamsburg where they appear to be succeeding in their goal to create the “ultimate cult street food sensation.” 
 Namkeen, Hot Chicken, Williamsburg, Sandwich
All of the dishes center around the restaurant’s hot fried chicken and include the Nashville Sandwich, Clucking Waffle Sandwich, Tikkaville Sandwich (with tikka sauce) and Chicken & Waffles served with maple syrup, butter and Belgian waffles.  The chicken comes in four spice levels including Maked (calm & ready), Mild (palms sweaty), Medium (Knees weak), and Hot (Blaow!). And yes, when they say hot, they mean it.  Even the “mild” packs quite a bit of heat.  The chicken is perfectly cooked and delicious!
Namkeen, Hot Chicken, Williamsburg, Exterior
Other offerings include Dhamaka fries (aka masala fries) served with mint chutney, Tenders with chipotle aioli on white toast, Spicy Maple Wings and Chicken Tikka Mac & Cheese.  Order at the counter and wait for it to arrive at your table.  You won’t be disappointed.
Namkeen is located at 338 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY (347) 658-3383
For more information, visit eatnamkeen.com 

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