Sin Kee Brings “Hawker” Street Foods to Flushing

February 7, 2022, 11:07.46 pm ET  

Sin Kee Brings “Hawker” Street Foods to Flushing
Photo: Sin Kee                                                                                               

Hawker cuisine evolved from the street foods of Singapore, usually from pushcarts. At Richard Chan’s new restaurant, Sin Kee, diners can get a true taste of this astonishing cuisine in Flushing, Queens.

The signature dish is Hainanese Chicken which is slow-poached until the skin turns velvety. It is served with fragrant rice, marinated gizzards and spicy achar pickles. The dish is accompanied by a fiery chili sauce and cilantro ginger sauce. Another popular dish is Teochew Braised Duck. The duck is braised for hours in Chef Chan’s mix of soy sauce, hua diao wine, sake, ginger and secret spices. It’s served with braised tofu, egg and taro rice. Taiwanese braised pork belly with jasmine rice is also availale with “lip-smacking.”

Several regional snacks can also be found, including fishball skewers with Singapore chili crab sauce; deep-fried sambal drumsticks; lemon grass popcorn chicken; and satay (skewers) in choice of pork and chicken (or combo) with savory satay sauce.

Sin Kee can be found at the Queens Crossing Food Hall, 136-20 38th Ave, Flushing, NY

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