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Sush1 opens in Chelsea

September 3, 2020, 5:30.56 pm ET

      Photos: SUSH1                                                                                                                  

Hailing from Brazil, a destination with excellent sushi given that the country has the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan, SUSH1 (pronounced SUSH-ONE) was established in São Paulo 3 years ago, quickly expanding in Brazil before going international with a stop in Mexico City and now NYC - the first U.S. location. The mission of the restaurant is to make sushi more accessible without sacrificing quality – turning what is considered by some to be a luxury into something you can order and eat every day. Their tagline is “Sushi for everyone, every day.”

What sets SUSH1 apart from other sushi delivery venues across the city – aside from affordable prices for high quality fish – is that they offer the flexibility and convenience of being able to individually select each piece whereas most places offer uniform cut rolls. At $1 per piece, guests can build their own assortment box consisting of 12, 18 or 24 pieces of combinations of individual pieces of cut rolls, nigiri, sashimi and handrolls. As an example, for $12.50 you can have a selection of 6 individual pieces of cut rolls, 1 hand roll and 2 nigiri, along with a soda or water. The packaging is distinct, fun and fully recyclable.

The menu also includes yakimeshi (fried rice bowls) and chicken and salmon teriyaki as well as edamame and miso soup. The restaurant also offers a proprietary hot sauce with every order- created for those who are intolerant of wasabi but still desired a little heat with their sushi.