Sweet Valentine's treats for your sweetie

February 9, 2021, 6:54.47 pm ET  

Kissaki, Valentine's Day

Kissaki is offering a beautifully packaged Omakase Primi, Midi, and Maxi option in addition to a decadent Raspberry Rose Chiffon Cake sourced from Taste Crème in Long Island City for dessert. 

Senza Gluten, Valentine's Day

For a gluten-free Valentine’s Day treat, the Greenwich Village bakery, Senza Gluten, is offering an assortment of lovingly-made baked goods from executive chef and owner Jemiko L. Solo. Look for red heart shaped shortbread cookies, ed velvet cupcakes and more. 

Mochidoki, Valentine's Day

Mochidoki is offering a special Valentine’s Day Creations Collection, including Black Forest (cherry chocolate mochi, chantilly cream, dark chocolate gateau, dried Morello cherries), Cinnamon Mocha (espresso mochi, cinnamon meringue, dark chocolate glaçage, edible silver leaf), and Chocolate Strawberry (strawberry mochi, chocolate glaçage, white chocolate curls, strawberry cream).  





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