The PB&J Cookie at Aunt Butchies is the Jam

February 7, 2022, 11:44.37 pm ET  


Walking into Aunt Butchies Desserts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn you are instantly confronted with choices. Do I buy a slice of Italian cheesecake? Tiramisu Cake? Or maybe some Chaos Pie, a mash-up of brownies, cheesecake, fudge and walnuts?

Then there is the signature NY Cheesecake Cones that resemble cannoli. The cones are made with butter, sugar and almonds, and filled with NY Cheesecake. You can buy them individually or in sets of four or six.

We opted for the over-sized cookies. They run the gamut from red velvet and sugar to white macadamia and funfetti. Then there’s the double chocolate with a mix of white and dark chocolate. But the PB&J cookie is the real star in our book. There’s plenty of peanut flavor in the cookie which is slathered with peanut butter on top and large dollop of grape jam. Amazing!

Aunt Butchies Desserts is located at 8224 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 256-2933

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