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This Realistic Carrot Cake Comes with Edible Dirt

June 3, 2022, 5:50.19 pm ET

Photos: Jungsik                                                                                                    

Carrot is the latest creation by Jungsik’s Executive Pastry Chef Yoonjung Oh, formerly of Aquavit. Carrot is composed of carrot cake, with cream cheese mousse and pecan praline, encased in white chocolate and painted to look like a real carrot. It is garnished with carrot greens and served in a hangari filled with carrot cake crumble that resembles dirt. It is served with black tea ice cream and carrot cake crumble.

The new dessert is served as the final course of Jungsik’s signature tasting menu and is also available as an a la carte item for $25 at the newly reopened bar seating.