Top Chef Buddha Lo Offers New Menu at HUSO

June 24, 2022, 6:41.31 pm ET  

Top Chef Buddha Lo, Huso
Photo: Buddha Lo                                                                     

New York’s own Top Chef Buddha Lo is offering fans an exclusive chance to experience dishes created for the show at his home base: HŪSO and let fans be the judge.   

HŪSO, a caviar “speakeasy,” is offering an 8-course tasting menu highlighting Lo’s best moments through September 24th. Standout dishes include ‘Everything but the Bagel’, a deconstructed everything bagel Padma Lakshmi lauded as the best dessert she’d ever had on the program, as well as his infamous Southern-style Parkerhouse rolls, ultimately deemed the best bread in Top Chef history.

Here’s a look at the full menu:

Hamachi, Caviar, Tokyo turnip, sauce vin jaune
Episode 14 “The final plate”

Parker house rolls, country ham butter
Episode 7 “Restaurant wars”

Everything but the bagel
Episode 4 “Doppelgangers”

Lobster, Carrot, Laksa
Episode 14 “The final plate”

Black cod, seaweed, ginger, scallion
Episode 12 “We’re on a boat”

BBQ Beef Bourguignon
Episode 5 “Don’t mess with BBQ”

Prickly pear and Strawberries with cream
Episode 13 “Cactus makes perfect”

Pumpkin pie millefeuille
Episode 14 ‘The final plate”

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