Two NYC Chefs are Trying to Save Truffle Season

November 23, 2021, 11:16.54 pm ET  

Peasant, Marc Forgione, NYC, Truffles
Photo: Peasant/Alan Batt                                                                                         

A worldwide shortage of white truffles, combined with global supply chain problems, is sending prices for the delicacies through the roof.  Bloomberg has dubbed it “the Great White Truffle Crisis of 2021” with prices doubling, tripling and even quadrupling for suppliers. At Urbani Truffles, white alba truffles from small to large are sold out. Now, chefs at two New York City restaurants, American Bar and Peasant, are trying to save the season while keeping prices somewhat affordable.

At Chef Marc Forgione’s rustic restaurant Peasant (194 Elizabeth St), egg yolk raviolo is topped with freshly shaved white truffle. The dish is being featured for $69 with only 10 servings per night. The special is aimed at celebrating truffle season while keeping an approachable price point. The celebrity chef’s menu is an ode to simple rustic wood-fired Italian cooking focusing on seasonal, local, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

Photo: American Bar                                                                                       

At American Bar (33 Greenwich Ave), chef Carolina Santos-Neves is showcasing tagliatelle with truffle infused cremini mushrooms, parmesan, and shaved white truffles for $75. American Bar is the cult-favorite West Village restaurant from restaurateurs Kyle Hotchkiss Carone and Jeff Kadish of Grand Tour Hospitality, along with David Rabin. The restaurant is known for its modern and craveable American classics.

Now that’s something for truffle aficionados to cheer about!

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