Upside Pizza to open pizza shop in Brooklyn

February 11, 2022, 7:15.28 pm ET  

Upside Pizza, Noam Grossman, NYC
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Upside Pizza, which draws its inspiration from the 90s, is setting its sights on Brooklyn.  Noam Grossman, the force behind Upside Pizza, has applied for a liquor license at 640 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Upside Pizza, NYC, Sicilian Pies

Upside is known for its round and Sicilian pies sold by the slice. They come in flavors like Classic Cheese, Pepperoni Papi, Falcowqitz (a pie made with white wine lemon cream sauce), Fuzzy Dunlop (made with Berkshire sausage), and the Upside Don (a square pie topped with homemade mozzarella, bread crumbs and Parmigiana-Romano).

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