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Wild Rabbit Brings Craft Coffee to East Village

February 17, 2023, 7:02.18 pm ET

Wild Rabbit, East Village
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Jay Liu, head barista Jason Ying, and Chef Junye Chi and launching Wild Rabbit Coffee (110 East 7th St) in the East Village. With just 6-8 counter seats and a walk-up coffee bar, Wild Rabbit is introducing New Yorkers to bold new coffee favors in a bright, cheery and modern storefront,

Wild Rabbit, East Village

“I have always been inspired by the concept of a wild rabbit,” says Liu. “The idea of a playful creature with quirkiness and charm, always a step ahead, urging you to follow. To me, it’s analogous to pushing the creative process.”

Wild Rabbit, East Village

All of the coffee beans are single origin, exclusively sourced from Bushwick’s Sey Coffee. The type of bean will rotate month, giving guests a new experience. Some drinks also blend tea with espresso like The Jasmericano which infuses jasmine tea into espresso, Osmanthus Latte utilizes the yellow-gold flower tea grown in Southern China, while Thicco Latte features creamy small-batch coconut milk. Visitors will also find house-made Calamansi Ade, Chai Latte and Matcha Latte.  

Wild Rabbit, East Village

Chef Junye Chi, meanwhile, is preparing Asian-inspired crustless “UFO-style” Wild Crispy Bun sandwiches and Hong-Kong style Black Sesame Egg Waffle pastry skewers.  The coffee bar will be open for all day service from 8 am-4 pm

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