Would you open a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic? These guys did.

May 11, 2020, 11:45.33 pm ET  


Let's just say it takes a lot of chutspah to open a restaurant in the middle of a deadly pandemic. But that's exactly what the folks at Pelicana Chicken (641 10th Ave; (917) 388-2676) in Hell's Kitchen have done.  The restaurant is selling the chain's Korean-style fried chicken.  As we entered, wearing a mask of course, we were greeted by a friendly man who calmly took our order. When we asked what it's like to open in the middle of this, we got two word, "It's crazy!"  But somehow they are managing offering delicious drumsticks and wings in serveral styles, including crispy, BBQ and spicy. It's served with pickled daikon. Give them a try. You can order via GrubHub.

- TR

      Photos: Cititour.com                                                                                                               

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