Yaso Offers Tips on Making Dumplings at Home

January 5, 2022, 6:43.51 pm ET  

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On chilly nights, dumplings are the perfect quick and delicious comfort food; NYC’s Shanghainese restaurant Yaso offers a variety of dumplings and specialty soup dumplings. Best served piping hot, the restaurant is share tips on how to best reheat dumplings and prepare frozen dumplings for a meal at home when the weather is too cold or unpleasant to trek outside.

Yaso’s soup dumplings are full of rich broth – but similar to the skill it takes to eat without losing all the goodness, they require extra attention to heating without bursting. Offering three outstanding soup flavors - Original Pork, Spicy Pork, and Chicken - they are best eaten right after heating. This means that take-out or delivery orders may benefit from a slight warm-up for ultimate enjoyment. The best method is to steam them using a steamer pot or basket with a lid, lined with parchment paper. Home chefs can cut the paper to fit, with small holes added. Alternatively, they can be heated in short increments in the microwave - but it’s important to not overdo it or they may burst; 20-second increments are best.

Steamed or boiled Jiaozi, in a choice of pork and cabbage, or chicken, offer a more traditional and equally delicious option, also available in a Sweet & Spicy sauce, with plenty of kick to warm up no matter the temperature. For vegans, Sweet & Spicy Veggie Wontons offer a delicious alternative, packed with spinach and vegetables. All are best prepared by steaming using the same methods. They can be steamed, microwaved, or boiled in water as another fool-proof method - they simply float to the surface when done.  The dumplings can be purchased at yasotogo.com, or frozen dumplings for pick-up from their Industry City location.  

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