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Flyrite Tattoo

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Type of Place: Tattoos


I only have one tattoo. It’s a black and yellow star, about the size of a quarter, behind my right ear. It took me three years from the time I thought of the tat I wanted to the time I decided to actually have it done. Because I am such a commitment-phobe, I am constantly checking out tattoo shops in and about the city in seek of the best, and Flyrite is a tattoo shop that keeps popping up on my radar. All of my inked-up friends swear on their sleeves that this Williamsburg spot is top notch.

First off, let me tell you that if you are looking for a cheap quickie, Flyrite is not the place for you. Here is the parlor where you can get top-quality, lasting color done by artists that are as down to earth as they are talented.

One of the artists, Mike Lucena, is a big shot in the ink world, but the hype hasn’t gotten to his head and all of my friends attest he’s “the man”. One of my girls got an entire sleeve done by Mike and reports that he is meticulous, relaxed, and best of all, he stopped to make sure she was okay when she cringed. He even went the extra mile (free of charge) to touch up some of her old tats that were blurring. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Mike is the “go –to” for script lettering, too. It is five months since my girlfriend had her work done, and both the designs and the lettering are still crisp and bright, and she reported that the healing process was quick and glitchless.

If you’re lucky, you can get work done on the fly at Flyrite – I do have one friend who was treated as a walk-in – but it’s best to make an appointment. Like I said, pricing is hefty at this shop, even for minor pieces. For instance, I inquired into how much my star would have cost at Flyrite and they quoted $175. But the work is totally worth it.

Expect to lay down a hefty deposit here, too, even before the work has begun. If you need these guys to brainstorm designs for you before settling on your piece, you’ll need to have about $150 on hand just to get their wheels turning. The boys at Flyrite like cash best for the deposit, but you can settle up at the end with a credit card. 

  -Janice Bevilacqua; Sept 1, 2013

Flyrite Tattoo
492 Metropolitan Avenue
(Meeker Ave and Rodney Street)
New York, NY 11211
(718) 599-9443