Jane’s Closet

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Handbags Jewelry

In these days of hyper-gentrification and the ever-changing landscape that is New York, it’s preferable to see the slow and steady rise of an independent retailer – a sign of staying power, or stickiness. Jane’s Closet, a fashionable Williamsburg boutique owned by Jane Rim, is just such a success story.

Although Rim had no formal experience in fashion merchandising, her insight and taste for youthful trends has proved tremendously popular. So well liked, in fact, that Jane’s Closet has gone from being a virtual to a physical store in just a few years. February 2010 marked its transition from the web to an experimental “pop-up” on North Sixth Street, and a second, larger location on Grand just south of Williamsburg opened in 2011. It’s the Grand Street location Rim hopes will be her permanent home, though for now, the original Jane’s Closet remains open.

As soon as you enter both stores, it’s not difficult to see why young women have fallen in love with shopping there. Frilly, girly blouses, hip, slenderizing leggings, and long, sexy gypsy dresses immediately catch the eye. Once you get a chance to really digest the selection it seems clear that Rim is not catering to any one style, but a host of youthful looks—think rocker girl gone country or librarian one minute and flirtatious school girl the next. There’s something for every young women at Jane’s closet, whether you love dresses or loathe them.

Overall, a lot of the current selection is boho chic for summer with its share of asymmetrical T-shirts, eyelet skirts, flirty jumpers, silky dresses, and beach-ready cut-off shorts. A modest selection of accessories, including footwear like sandals and sneakers, oversized handbags, sunglasses, and unique jewelry pieces in beads and turquoise round out the collection. Prices are largely moderate, though some designer pieces can be more expensive. Look for labels such as Charlotte Ronson, Susan Hanover, Yumi, Melie Bianco, and Ida Sjostedt (pictured).

Women seeking something unusual to spike up a tired wardrobe will fall in love with Jane’s Closet, where you can find that special one-of-a-kind piece that will make you rethink your entire approach or adopt a new seasonal look. Rim’s fresh choices seem effortless, but she is the reason for the continued success of Jane’s Closet, a home away from home for fashionistas and Gossip Girls alike.
  - Joann Jovinelly

Jane’s Closet
60 North Sixth Street (Grand St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(212) 772-0712

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