Lola’s Boutique

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Accessories Jewelry


It’s hard to find a clothing boutique in Bay Ridge that isn’t stuck in the 80’s or has the gaudy dial turned up full-notch. Lo and behold (or should I say Lola and behold – c’mon I had to), there’s Lola’s Boutique, a quaint little, sparkly but not sequined, boutique on 3rd Avenue that I have been frequenting for a spell now, and never regret having set foot into it when I do. In fact, I have loved this spot since its original location on 86th Street, and now that it’s on 3rd Avenue and closer to my apartment, makes it even harder to not blow at least part of my paycheck there now and then.

The best part is, as much as this is a girly girl’s utopia for a things wanted – the shop carries a massive collection for a lot of things that we girls actually need. Like, ahem – those supportive type items that we growing girls actually need as we enter the years when looking our best takes more than just a cute little dress and accessory to match, but some undergarments to keep those items – and what’s under them – in place.

Service here need not be commented on much at all, because it is all-in-all top notch. No smothering, no high-pressure sales, but just enough availability to know that if I need help or have a question, or am carrying way to many hangers to hold at once, there is someone there to help, and take the load off by starting a dressing room for me.

A big perk for me when it comes to Lola’s is their ever-changing inventory. Every time I visit I either see something I didn’t catch the last time I was in, or something that was recently added to their already quite eccentric collection. From clothing like gowns to sundresses to accessories like sunglasses to decorative scarves and handbags to jewelry that runs the gambit from earrings and necklaces to charm-like trinkets perfect for gives or an occasional self-splurge. (And shoes, ladies, yes, they carry shoes!)

Prices run the gambit, too, but I find them reasonable considering the quality and originality of their inventory. Lola’s is known to hold some blow-out end-of-season sales that can run up to 70% off their best items, but even regular priced items are reasonable to me, save for a couple of doo-dads and duds I have spotted, said, “no way,” and placed right back on the rack. For instance, their zodiac string necklaces are cute as a button, but heir price ($60) did not tickle me so. Dresses, including gowns can run the spectrum from $45 up to $300 and my on my best day there I managed to grab two pieces of jewelry, 2 dresses and a tee all for under $150. To me, that’s a steal.

For a last minute accessory to put together that just-about-perfect outfit or for a brand new something just because, Lola’s is definitely worth your patronage. And if you don’t find something on you first go-around, please take my word for it and go back – I promise you’ll find something there that you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Lola’s Boutique
8503 3rd Ave (85th & 86th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 745-4300