Mr. Throwback

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Vintage Clothing Sports Clothing Collectibles


You can feel your inner sports obsessed twelve-year-old rumbling with excitement during a nostalgia-inducing shopping trip to Mr. Throwback in the East Village. Upon entering the small yet vibrant boutique, you are immediately hit with a rainbow of colors in the form of basketball jerseys, Fresh Prince-esque attire, and satin bomber jackets.
Apart from the 90’s motif, the main allure is certainly Mr. Throwback’s collection of vintage Champion basketball jerseys from Michael Jordan, Grant Hill, to a USA Dream Team Penny Hardaway throwback. Prices for these jerseys we all had loved are marked on their respective player’s trading card and range from $65-$100.
Be certain to inspect every nook and cranny of Mr. Throwback to ensure you don’t miss a retro treasure. Hidden in the back corners are vintage snapbacks ($20-$100), basketball sneakers ($120 for a pair of vintage Jordan’s), video games, as well as athlete and Power Ranger figurines.
Vintage satin starter jackets are also a leading charm; with a few half zip heavyweight starter jackets tossed in for good measure. Mr. Throwback also sells a small collection of both men and women’s vintage, such as electrifying 80’s jackets ($125) and acid wash jeans.
Don’t miss Mr. Throwback Thursdays on the first Thursday of every month for 10% off everything.

  - Caitlin Colford

Mr. Throwback
428 E 9th St (nr Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009

Hours: 11-8