Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Accessories


So many boutiques in NYC have this mission to be the chicest, most unique kid on the block (so do the shoppers who frequent them). What makes O.N.A. stand out from the crowd is that it doesn’t share that mission. On the contrary, it’s quite understated – and in my opinion, this makes it all the more individual.

At O.N.A. you’ll find some of the coziest, easiest-to-slip-into dresses at totally reasonable prices. You can make this boutique your go-to not only for the staple little black dress, but for some fresh and exciting pieces, too. The sales staff is as sweet as their inventory, making it even more pleasurable to shop there. You’ll find local, emerging designers as well as some well-known labels like Cheap Monday and Dolce Vita. A lot of my friends love this store particularly because they don’t cater to petite women, which most boutiques tend to overdo these days.

Aside from dresses and shifts, you’ll find shoes, accessories, handbags and jewelry at O.N.A. I recently eyed a basic brown leather tote for $160 which I thought was fabulous. I would have bought it if I didn’t already own about ten basic totes, but I will definitely keep it in mind for a gift. Oh - and on the bag note, they also carry pretty backpacks (choose from neon or basic solid colored or polka dotted) that run around $40.

Another great piece I saw from their new fall line was a rayon shift for $165 that donned a flashy triad print in bright hues of blue and grey – another mental note for the holiday list. O.N.A. has an impressive selection of rompers that won’t make you look ridiculous like some do, and now’s the time to purchase one since they are pretty much out of season and on sale (down from $110 to $77).

In the jewelry department, you’ll find what at first glance looks like something your three-year old made in preschool, but look closer and you’ll see their creations are quite beautiful with an Art Deco twist. Take the Sea Level Necklace ($64) made of ceramic, copper, and wood beads strung on a leather cord. They have a tremendous selection of studs, too, sporting charms like hearts, stars, wishbones, smiley faces and more – a perfect addition that won’t overwhelm a well put-together outfit .

My only qualm with O.N.A. is that despite my research, I have yet to discover what “O.N.A” stands for. Even the sales staff couldn’t tell me! If you happen to know, for the love of Peter, please leave a review of this review, because I feel naked without that tidbit of info.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

593 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 783-0630