Orange Marmalade

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Gift Shops Vintage/Eclectic

The clocks have been set back; the snap in the air is becoming a bite; and this past week, I was asked whether I wanted in on an upcoming Secret Santa swap.

I don't feel gypped. We've had some beautiful weather and foliage this fall. If autumn's gonna progress and winter's gonna come, we should try to embrace that too. Just as comfort foods like mac and cheese are growing more appealing, cozy little shops with warm vibes feel right. Orange Marmalade is such a place--fun, cheerful, and great for the season's coming needs.

New and vintage goods are combined here; and sometimes they meet in the same item. I loved (with notation included for relevant coming occasions): organic soap ($4.95) from Vermont Soap Organics (with the cute slogan of "Organic stuff that foams"), in yummy scents like "lavender flowers" and "aloe baby": for hot showers before you face a cold morning and, yes, for stocking stuffers and Secret Santa; a vintage lilac sweater with a white lace collar ($28): for evenings at the theater or symphony, now that outdoor concerts and plays are done for a while; a sleek, deco-style vintage dress in grey silk ($48): Thanksgiving dinner, if your family's formal--or be a stylish Siren at a holiday party; notepads with 50s-oriented glamour-girl covers, $4 from Little Evelyn ( a last-minute gift for just about anyone with a sense of whimsy, age 16-82; snazzy spiral desk pads with a hole punched in to hold your pen ($9): part of a hostess gift for coming dinner parties; lavender sachets made with vintage kimono fabric (created by Yrra LaCroix, the shop's owner, though I didn't know this when I told her how great they are!), $6.50, or $12 for 2: a holiday gift you'll want to buy for yourself; a hand-knit wool sweater in chocolate-brown wool ($65): for walks in the leaves, of course!; and locally made tea/bar/hand towels ($9.50) decorated with elegant-not-cutesy dog or bicycle prints: 2 of these and your hostess gift is instantly complete.

There's much more; and the stock changes regularly. Browse here and think about how there are joys of this season.
  - Pamela Grossman; Nov 2, 2008

Orange Marmalade
421 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 389-4584

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