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Pema New York

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Type of Place: Women's Clothing

Description: The website for clothing shop Pema NY explains the shop's name, in relation to its purpose and goals, quite beautifully: "Pema, meaning 'Lotus flower' in Tibetan, symbolizes purity and is used by Tibetan scholars to illustrate how, like the beautiful Lotus flower, which can apppear from dark and dirty waters and remain unstained, so too can a person attain enlightenment in these dark and difficult times."

Pema designer Migmar Tsering offers hand-knitted wool accessories and hempwear for both sexes, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes, and carefully curated items from other designers. Browsing around while listening to instrumental tunes from Tibet, I loved the understatedly groovy t-shirts (from $20, in lots of appealing designs and colors), which could easily become staples in many a wardrobe. For special summer occasions, I especially noticed a black cotton jumper with subtle gold detail from 213 (on sale now for $119); a metallic-gold party dress with puff sleeves, also from 213 (sweet and bold at the same time, and on sale for $97.50); a sleeveless tunic in black linen from Theme ($59); and a joyfully exuberant orange embroidered top from Liquid ($138). To complete the outfits, there's a great selection of hats, belts, shoes, and jewelry (semi-precious-stone earrings are now on sale for $15). And to help out with the peace-attaining goal at home, there's a variety of soothingly scented incense.

Meditating in a stark robe is one way to work toward enlightenment; but perhaps shopping for unique and lovely itmes at a small, local store that operates with concern for the planet really can be an enlightened move of its own.   -Pamela Grossman; July 5, 2008

Pema New York
225 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-8814