Screaming Mimi's

Neighborhood: NoHo
Type of Place: Vintage Clothing


Screaming Mimi’s screams Cyndi Lauper, and rightfully so. The 80’s star worked in this historic Village boutique back before she was the cultural icon she is today. Her approval says it all, and even now, the small yet packed to the max downtown shop is still widely flocked to by edgy fashionistas and stylists alike. With an incredibly wide selection of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, Screaming Mimi’s has everything you can dream in vintage -- from your every day wear to costumes for any occasion.

Although prices can be a bit steep for older and rare pieces, there is a perfect balance of $10 steals and affordable merchandise. Be sure to set aside a large chunk of time if you’re up for treasure hunting, as it is nearly impossible to do a quick browse through these overcrowded racks.

Sections are thankfully organized per era and category. Flapper dresses from the 1920’s live here, as do a nicely sized collection for every decade up until 1990.  The 1980’s section appropriately dominates, with loud colors and sequins that are ready to be donned during your visit to Awesome 80’s Prom.  

In the back of the store is an amazing collection of costumes. You’ll find outfits such as a vintage Girl Scout uniform to a collection of fairy tale dresses. Around the holidays, this is your perfect spot for ugly Christmas sweater purchasing.

An assortment of fun finds rest throughout the store. A large collection of funky costume jewelry is ready to be tried on, while roller skates, pop rocks and a collection of masks and hats are sprinkled about the boutique.

With all honesty, there’s probably nothing you can’t find at Screaming Mimi’s. There’s something for every “Con,” every themed event and every trend currently ruling downtown fashion.

  - Caitlin Colford; Jan 15, 2013

Screaming Mimi's
382 Lafayette St (Great Jones & 4th St)
NYC citywide, NY 10003
(212) 677-6464