Steve's Flower Shop

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Type of Place: Flower Shops

Steve's is the ideal go-to, one-stop-shop for all of your classic floral needs. There is always an inviting display of arrangements outside the store, including pre-made bouquets alongside carts of potted plants and herbs appropriate to the season. Inside, you'll find an abundant display of both real and artificial plants, a massive collection of pots and vases, and a large refrigerator teeming with an impressive array of fresh flowers. They carry the “staple” blooms like carnations, roses, and mums, as well as the occasional exotic like snapdragons or birds-of-paradise. Everything in the shop is, in my opinion, adequately priced (stems range from about $3 to $10 each).

In the midst of the shop's elegant botanica, you may expect to be greeted by the stereotypical bohemian flower-shop lady – in reality, however, this joint is run by a handful of large, burly guys with some of the thickest Brooklyn accents I've ever heard. Let not their appearance or their “fuggedaboutit” vernacular fool you, though – because these guys really do know their lilies and can put together some pretty exquisite arrangements. (I did have to scorn them once for smoking in the back room, as the odor was (ironically) wafting through the shop - but since then, I've been greeted by the pleasant fragrance of roses upon entering).

The staff is kind, too, and seems always at attention and ready to accommodate. The last time I visited, I purchased a pair of hydrangea heads (at $10 a stem) – and the boys were patient with my indecision in choosing the specific stems I wanted them to pull for me (“That one! No, that one!”), as well as my particularity when it came to wrapping them (“No baby's breath, very little greens, cellophane - not paper - and a green ribbon, please.”). The result was a gorgeous, simple bouquet.

Steve's is a member of Teleflora, too, which means you can order flowers from them from around the country – and the last time I inquired, their local delivery charge was an impressively low $7. They also offer the option to include stuffed animals, mylar balloons or boxed candy with any arrangement - and be sure to check out their “deal-of-the-day” (inquire within or visit their web site) – for great bargains on getting the best blossoms for your buck.
  - Janice Bevilacqua

Steve's Flower Shop
6909 Fourth Av
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 238-4341