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Stock Vintage

Neighborhood: East Village

Type of Place: Vintage Clothing


Stock Vintage is carefully conscious in its rugged and worn aesthetic. A store that belongs within the pages of a style magazine, both with its exquisitely designed interior and its rustic metal exterior, Stock Vintage has become an East Village staple to those who favor high-quality vintage goods.

The male Americana motif reflects not only in the vintage clothing carefully strewn collectively about the small shop, but also on everything from the metal lunchboxes, to the army sacks holding bundles of leather oxfords, to the neat piles of old books on the distressed furniture, which feature a sparse collection of paint splattered crew neck sweatshirts. Every piece of merchandise within Stock Vintage seems to be there for a reason. The owner of the store, Melissa Howard, certainly took her time searching endlessly for the best of the best in vintage clothing and in turn was wise in selecting the store’s stock, as not one piece of clothing, nor one pair of shoes, seem to be out of place. And the hefty price tag shows for it.

Although a male clothing store, some pieces such as the torn and tattered Harley Davidson tees, which can cost you up to $225, and the pairs of perfectly worn Laredo boots can be worn by both male and females.  Many pieces date back to the WWII era, such as Stock Vintage’s impressive collection of wool button downs, coats and lace up leather boots. A fun collection of vintage crew neck sweatshirts with state, sports teams, or college logos rest folded in an antique metal bin near the storefront and cost around $145 each. 

If you appreciate aesthetically hand plucked vintage clothing, then add the East Village’s Stock Vintage to your go-to list.

  -Caitlin Colford; Feb 7, 2013

Stock Vintage
143 E 13th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-2505