Stone Flower

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Accessories Jewelry


I don't consider myself a chronic girly-girl (right now I am wearing a t-shirt and torn jeans), but the offerings in this shop are so darn cute that they'll bring anyone's inner desire for sweet dresses and lovely hair clips flying to the surface. This Brooklyn shop offers a wide and colorful variety of sweet and chic items at reasonable prices.

The hair accessories can be worn by 5-year-olds and grown-ups alike; and why shouldn't they be? From mini hair bows patterned with stars or (I want these!) cherries ($3) to clips decorated with large felt flowers ($19), this stuff is just so much fun. I also loved the rhinestone-bow clips in a rainbow of colors ($15) and the hairbands with pink chiffon cat ears ($19 and looking great on several members of the staff).

Regarding the dresses: The great news is that they're affordable (from around $40-$50 each) and feature some of the most charming prints around. What's more delightful than a pink dress bodice with a yellow polka-dotted skirt, or black polka dots on white interspersed with pink roses? However, one small caveat: The dresses are labeled "one size fits all." It's true that the bodices have elastic and that the skirts are not clingy; but true one-size-for-all is rare, and the staff at the shop explained that the items fit best up to a size 6. I am currently a size 8, and the two dresses I tried on did fit me, but I think they would be more flattering on the figure I had when I was 14. One staff member told me that the sizing is a work in progress and that the shop owners, who are involved in the designs, are currently on the case to make sure that the non-teens among us can successfully indulge.

There are also stretchy, accommodating non-dress items; I loved, for example, a grey knit vest with pink and camel hearts (would probably fit fine on sizes 4 through 8 or 10).

Regarding other accessories, I loved the handmade superhero keychains ($6), the nouveau-vintage pot holders from Jessie Steele ($12), and earrings that are replicas of m&ms ($15).

The website states that Stone Flower "was started back in 2003 with humble beginnings from [owners] Michael and Apple's wedding gifts." From small beginnings at New York City street fairs, they're now in NYC and Boston, and they're bringing the brand's girly goodness to San Francisco. Catch them in Williamsburg for all the girls (ages 5 to 105) in your life. 

  - Pamela Grossman; Jun 14, 2014

Stone Flower
158 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-8463

10AM-9PM ~ Monday-Saturday

10AM-8PM ~ Sunday