ZuZu's Petals

Neighborhood: Park Slope
Type of Place: Flower Shops Gift Shops

Remember the famous scene where the tornado pitches the house to an abrupt halt – and Dorothy opens her bedroom door, taking her first peek into the Land of Oz? Well, that's exactly how it feels walking into Zuzu's Petals. From the second you step out of the flurry of 5th Avenue and into Zuzu's, it really is as though you have stumbled into a fairytale.

What will strike you first is the sweet, vanilla-scent of lilies. Then you will notice the shop's lush décor. The place is teeming with interesting items - I promise each time you visit, you'll say, “Hey, I didn't notice this the last time I was here!”.

A wrought-iron gazebo is adorned with very unique varieties of hanging plants (my favorite was the succulent hoya at $35). Several hutches are lined with hand-made pottery, vases, soaps, candles, sachets, seed packets, gardening tools, birdhouses, and more. In the back you'll find pots and planters, dried flowers – and access to the outdoor garden, a mini-nursery abundant with plants, trees, flowers and herbs for every type of sun-exposure.

There are no refrigerators at Zuzu's, because the workers (who refer to themselves as “Zuzus”) hand-cut and care for each of the stems several times a day. Instead, you'll see bucketfuls of blooms lining a set of old wooden benches against a chic exposed brick wall.

This is no bodega – so you will not find carnations or baby's breath – rather some of the most exotic flower varieties on Earth. Veronica, cockscomb, lysmachia, and ranunculus are just a few. The flowers are a bit on the expensive side. A bunch of lilacs was $30, roses were $6.50/stem and a single hydrangea head was $20. However, the quality and freshness certainly make it a cinch to excuse the cost.

The store itself really is as enchanting as Oz – but the last time I visited the service was not as wonderful. The Zuzus seemed perturbed to answer my questions. I suspect this was due to stress though, since Zuzu's is always booming - and the aesthetic quality and uniqueness of their items certainly made up for it. Plus, they have an exceptional flair for floral design, and always create exquisite bouquets and vase arrangements - quite unlike any you will find at other flower shops in Brooklyn.

When you visit Zuzu's Petals, be sure to say hi to Bear – he's the owner's dear old golden retriever you'll usually find curled up, snoozing peacefully under the gazebo.

Monday-Saturday 10:00am.-7pm
Sunday 11:00am-6pm
  - Janice Bevilacqua

ZuZu's Petals
374 Fifth Avenue
(5th & 6th Sts)
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 638-0918