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Neighborhood: Governors Island

Type of Place: Playgrounds


Why not let kids be kids? At play:groundNYC they are allowed to be just that. Whether it splashing around in the mud, building a fort, or hammering nails, it's all fair game and parents are not allowed in. Instead, there are playworkers who act as lifeguards to step in when needed and to provide a sypathetic ear. But in reality the kids are on their own, able to build, explore and even destroy things in a 50,000 square foot space, including a junkyard, while parents (some anxiously) wait outside. The playground is recommended for children ages 6 and up. A family play area is also available for children 5 and under. Participants in both adventure play and family play will need to have a waiver filled out by a guardian.  Public hours are from 12-4pm Saturdays and Sundays. The Summer Camp runs from June 26 to Sept 1.  


40 Barry Road
New York, NY 10004