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99 Noodle Village

99 Noodle Village

Cuisine: Chinese


99 Noodle Village is a fast-casual spot for noodle dishes and snacks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. On the snack side, there are small steamed buns filled with pork, spring rolls and fried bread sticks. On the noodle side, several types of soups are offered with thin, mei fun-style noodles and assorted toppings ranging from mixed seafood with shrimp, clams and squid to pork, beef and vegetable options. Marinated meats are also offered including things like braised duck wings and pigs feet. Specialty drinks include soy milk with lotus seed and peanut milk.

- Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Sunset Park

99 Noodle Village
772 57th St (7th & 8th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 500-2999