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Belgian BXL Cafe

Belgian BXL Cafe

Cuisine: Belgian

Cititour Review: I remember hearing about Belgian BXL opening and thinking to myself how great it is to have another Belgian restaurant in town. Markt, in the Meatpacking district, is one of my favorites and I was hoping to add BXL to my list in Midtown. The place has a nice European bistro feel with a long bar up front and ample seating in the rear to accomodate the theater crowd. So it was to my surprise to find there isn't much Belgian about the place except the name, one or two dishes, and maybe the owner. Yes, there are Moules frites, but nothing like I expected. The mussels looked more like baked clams and lacked any broth that one may be accustomed to. Although I must say they were quite flavorful (ten for $8). But it was a different story for the frites, which appeared limper than the nearby statue of manneken-pis. Then there were items that had no reason being on a Belgian menu. Ravioli? Sacrilege! Needless to say, I wasn't impressed until I had one or two beers and life was good again... and I remembered what else Belgium is famous for. A Duvel (in the bottle) will set you back 8 bucks, while Leffe (golden or brown) on tap goes for $6. There's also Hoegaarden on tap. All good reasons to KEEP Belgian BXL on your list. Now can you PLEASE do something about the menu!
Review By: Sam Sayegh

Neighborhood: West 40s

Belgian BXL Cafe
125 West 43rd Street
New York, NY
(212) 768-0200