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Bill's Bar and Burger
45 Rockefeller Center (51st Street)
New York, NY, 10027
(212) 705-8510

Cuisine: Burgers

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Cititour Review:
Craving a burger, I found myself at Bills Bar & Burger, a sprawling new bi-level restaurant on the outskirts of Rockefeller Center.  

I always love the reaction to a person eating solo.  First I was offered a seat at the bar which looked cramped and not conducive for a quiet meal.  So, I asked for a table.  I don't think the maître d' was happy with that.  I was banished to the the far reaches of the restaurant.  Let's just say if they put me any further I would have been sitting in the ladies room.  It was right by an exit that was cold and drafty even though there were plenty of other empty tables on a Monday at 6pm.  So, there I was perched on what felt like a highchair with a bar table in front of me.  It was covered with a plastic tablecloth with a blue checkerboard pattern that reminded me of something you might buy from a 99 Cent store for an outdoor barbecue.  Or, maybe not.

At this point, I was not impressed.  The only salvation was my waitress, Tiffany.  She was a beam of sunshine; helpful and sweet.  Message to management: make Tiffany the maître d'.  She quickly brought me a mug of Bill's Brew ($5), a Six Point ale that arrived in a frosty mug and had a nice bite.  After a quick peak at the menu, I decided upon the Bacon Cheddar Burger ($7.50) with a side of sweet potato Fries ($4.95). In a city with ample burger choices from Five Guys to Shake Shack my expectations were rather low.

Then it arrived.  A decent size patty topped with a thin layer of aged cheddar and two thick slices of crispy hickory smoked bacon on a sesame seed bun.  The first bite was  followed by an immediate "ahhhh."  Then a second bite and an "mmmm," and a third bite and a big fat "wow!" It was one of the best burgers I ever tasted; served well-done hot off the griddle, yet still incredibly juicy. The toppings adding to its flavor without overwhelming it .  Let's just say I devoured it in record time, along with a pile of those fresh-cut sweet potato fries.  It really was a nice surprise. 

On my next visit (and I plan many), I'd like to try the Fat Cat ($7.25) served with caramelized onions, or maybe Bill's Original New York Burger ($8.50) loaded up with everything from mushrooms and red onions to guacamole and chili.  They're also serving up Hatfield beef hot dogs with pickle relish and sauerkraut ($3.95) at prices any parent would love, especially in this neck of the woods.

Before leaving Tiffany brought over what she called her "cupcake tree" filled with all sorts of goodies.  I settled on a double chocolate caramel cupcake that I brought home for my son.  He loved it.  I was too busy still savoring the memories of my burger.  

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: West 50s

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