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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Cuisine: Mexican

Cititour Review: Ditmas Park is one of Brooklyn's finest up-and-coming neighborhoods - without a doubt. Cortelyou Road between East 16th and Coney Island Avenue, lined with its specialty bakeries, organic markets, and fine dining establishments, is really an interesting area that is hugged so tightly by a variety of other cultures. If you find yourself in this neighborhood, take the time to stroll down the streets lined with gorgeous and charming Victorian style homes and oversized trees lining the streets. This is a particularly breathtaking place to see in spring or fall. After you've taken the time to enjoy the sights, stroll back to Cortelyou Road. Among the mish-mash of dollar stores, Chinese restaurants, cafes and organic eateries, you will find Cinco De Mayo, one of the greatest Mexican places in the area for sure (and this is coming from a self-declared burrito connoisseur.)
Every time I had a friend come from out of town, a visit to Cinco De Mayo was a must. As I am sure all New Yorkers recall the monstrosity which was "Snowpocalypse" of early 2011, I battled the snowy tundra to earn myself some spicy Mexican fare.They do deliver (and rather quickly I may add), however, I felt the challenge would make my winnings that much more rewarding. Their horchata is spectacular, their prices are very reasonable and their service has never let me down. During the warmer months, tables are set up outside for some Mexicano-alfresco which is always a nice treat. Occasionally, a woman selling books on a tabletop sets up shop right alongside the establishment, playing some light jazz music for you to enjoy while you chow down. During the winter months, I would suggest calling ahead to make sure a table is available: the place is very small (maybe even a little smaller than "cozy.") If they are packed, do not be discouraged! Order in! Despite the crampy layout, the woven blankets and other Mexican-style decor redeem this place from being something a little more than a take-out joint.
I have never been disappointed by the chorizo tacos and guacamole and if you are prepared to handle a serious amount of food, may I suggest the chicken burrito.
If you want great Mexican food and a unique beer selection with a thin wallet at a place way more authentic than what you'd find at any chain style place, Cinco de Mayo is worth the trip!

Review By: Valerie Pettersen

Neighborhood: Ditmas Park

Cinco de Mayo
1202 Cortelyou Rd
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 693-1022

Entree Price: $10-15
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes