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Daisy's Diner
452 5th Ave (nr 9th St)
Brooklyn, NY, 11215
(718) 788-1438

Cuisine: Diners

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Cititour Review:
Saturday night shenanigans in the Slope typically precede Sunday morning cravings for heaps of comfort food and a bottomless cup of joe. Such was the case for a friend and I recently, when lucky for us, we stumbled into Daisy's Diner. The charming eatery was buzzing and its décor was a hipster's dream: soft string lighting, an eclectic collection of nouveau junkyard art and vintage wall ornaments, and extra long, mauve booths that were way easy to settle into.

We were quickly seated, and the first thing I noticed was the kid next to me, about to plunge his fork into three huge scoops of vanilla ice cream atop the thickest, fluffliest belgian waffle I've ever seen. (The dish looked so unbelievably delicious, in fact, that my friend had to confirm with the kid, “Is that ice cream?”)

The menu was neverending and ran the gamut of classic diner fare including a full spectrum of omelettes, salads, Greek specialties, deluxe burgers and egg creams. But Daisy's also offers some not-so diner-ish dishes, too, like the Lousiana-inspired “Devil's Muffleta”, a cajun-grilled chicken breast topped with ham, chili, and melted swiss on a roll ($7.95). Or for waist watchers, the roast turkey and mango wrap with melted cheddar cheese and fresh cilantro ($7.45).

Both my friend and I opted for breakfast - and while the pancakes were sweet and pillowy, the home fries cooked to perfection (though a bit under-seasoned) and the eggs just runny enough, placing our orders was a task. First, our waiter would not grant my request to have only one egg, not two as is suggested on the menu. Second, he seemed miffed when we nixed the ham, bacon or sausage side - and even more put off when I asked for bananas on my pancakes. Plus, he got our orders wrong – my friend was served eggs over-easy when he'd specified scrambled, and my pancakes arrived sans bananas.

Daisy's does dish out some gigantic portions, however, and we were pleasantly stuffed after the meal. Also, the surrounding waitstaff seemed incredibly friendly and accomodating – which leads me to believe we just caught our garcon on a bad day. All in all, Daisy's hit the spot!
Review By: Janice Bevilacqua

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Hours: Open 24 X 7


Delivery: Yes

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