Menu: Ed's Lobster Bar

Phone: (212) 343-3236

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Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail   11

Chilled ½ Maine Lobster   market price

Oysters   M/P

Little Neck Clams   1.50 ea.
½ doz. 7

Raw Sampler  29
Chef ’s Selection


Ed’s Caesar   7

Boston Bibb Salad   7
with Maytag Blue

New England Clam Chowder   6

House Smoked Trout   8
Roasted Beets

Fried Oysters   10

Fried Calamari   11
Spicy San Marzano Sauce

Fried Ipswich Clams   M/P

Steamers   M/P

PEI Mussels  8
Dijon Cream Sauce w/ White Wine, Fresh Horseradish
or Lobster Broth and Fennel


Lobster Roll  M/P
Fries and Ed’s Pickles

Chefs Lobster Salad  18
Claw, ½ Tail, Avocado, and Tomato

Lobster Pot Pie  18
Whole Steamed or Grilled Lobster M/P

Broiled 1½ lb. Lobster  M/P
Bread Crumbs and Garlic


Linguini with Clams   15

Pan Roasted or Grilled Fillet   M/P

Oven Roasted Montauk Bluefish 17
Trapani Truffle Salt

Whole Grilled Fish  M/P
Grilled Vegetables

Pan Seared Day Boat Scallops  18
Traditional Mashed Potato,
Seasonal Vegetable

New York Boulliabaisse  20

Potato Galette with Lobster  5
Grilled Vegetables  5
Fries with Sea Salt  5
Green Market Vegetable  5
Coleslaw  5
Ed’s Pickles  5


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.