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Fabiane's Cafe & Pastry
142 North 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
(718) 218-9632

Cuisine: Desserts , Sandwiches

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Cititour Review:

When you walk into the Fabiane's the first thing you'll notice is the clanking of plates from the crowds gathered at its rustic tables.  That is if you can manage to get past the display case filled with the most beautiful desserts.  There are luscious fruit tarts, creme brulee, passion fruit chocolate mouse, and blueberry cheesecake.  They go perfectly with Fabiane's yummy selection of hot beverages, including cinnamon spice mocha and caramel machiato.  It's a great place just to sit, sip and do some people watching.   

The menu at Fabiane's goes well beyond just desserts.  There's a full breakfast menu with french toast and waffles, and organic baked eggs served with crispy prosciutto and cheddar.   Lunch-time brings an assortment of sandwiches ranging from ham and brie to roast beef with blue cheese.  You'll also find a full range of salads starting with cesar and ending with grilled shrimp and couscous. 

Needless to say Fabiane's is fabulous.  A bit cramped in the winter months, less so in spring and summer when much of the dining is done al fresco.

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Chef: Fabiane Lima


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