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Cuisine: Korean

Cititour Review: Gammiok is a small Korean restaurant on West 32nd Street truly worth a visit. The restaurant itself is long and narrow with exposed brick and a wooden floor. The tables are made of slabs of tree trunks perched atop tree stumps with teak wood chairs. The specialty of the house is a simple ox-bone soup thatís cooked in a cast iron pot for at least 12 hours and served with fresh scallions. It will definitely put some color in cheeks. Other dishes worth a try include the Bin Dae Dduk, a pancake made of ground mung beans, carrots, scallion bean sprouts and ground pork, as well as the Soo Yook, a dish comprised of thinly sliced beef brisket and served in a tangy sauce. The menu is limited to just 11 dishes in all and each is served with excellent Kimchi. Service is very friendly. Kids O-K. Dinner for two will run you about $40.
Review By: Benny Prim

Neighborhood: West 30s

43 West 32nd Street
New York, NY
(212) 695-4113

Entree Price: $10-15