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Hampton Chutney Co.
68 Prince Street
New York, NY, 10012
(212) 226-9996 Map

Cuisine: Indian , Sandwiches

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Cititour Review:
Donald Trump would probably hate this restaurant: the sandwiches here are way too vertically challenged! Fans of those over-stuffed monstrosities at the Carnegie Deli might find themselves dismayed as well. That's because the sandwich ingredients at this casual little restaurant in Soho are not so much built from the bread up, Trump Tower style, but spread over a sour dough crepe-like concoction called a "dosa", made from rice. Instead of a skyscraper, these sandwiches are more ocean liner in shape. This is not an exaggeration: these sprawling pockets take up a good part of your plastic tray! But the food is, on the whole, light, airy, and one leaves the restaurant pleasantly satisfied, not stuffed.

During my visit to Hampton Chutney Co. (which, incidentally, has a location in Amagansett), I scarfed down a grilled chicken with goat cheese, spinach, and roasted tomatoes. Other "dosas" were more adventurous, containing curry chicken, smoked turkey and a host of vegetarian items like grilled portabello mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, and arugula. Each sandwich comes with a choice of a chutney-like sauce, with flavors like cilantro, curry, mango, pumpkin, tomato and peanut. As for beverages, the Chai tea seemed particularly popular, but I stuck with the Cardamom Coffee: a delicious blend of south Indian coffee with spices.

If there is one drawback to this place, it's the size. As I mentioned above, you need some serious counter space to tear into these long, lean crepes, and lunchtime gets very crowded. But there is limited seating space here, and I witnessed many an elbow flying close to a neighbor's face during my visit. If you live around the Soho area, however, you can avoid the crush and get your dose of dosas delivered. Prices, by the way, are pretty reasonable as well, with a sandwich costing between 8-10 dollars. All in all, a great, casual place to duck into when you're searching for a fast, but nutritious lunch in the heart of Soho, and want a true alternative to the usual run of the mill sandwich fare.

Review By: David Brandt


Neighborhood: SoHo

Hours: Open 7 Days: 11am-8pm

Entree Price: <$10

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