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Kimchee Korean Cuisine

Kimchee Korean Cuisine

Cuisine: Korean

Cititour Review:

Delicious home-style Korean cooking awaits at Kimchee.   This spot on 93rd Street and Third Avenue in Brooklyn is serving up tantalizing delicacies that are sure to leave you satisfied.     The meal begins with a complimentary assortment of sauteed vegetables, sliced fish cakes and spicy kimchee.   If you’re not quite sure what you’re eating, the staff is very helpful and can guide you through.

You will also want to order some appetizers.  Start with the Shumai ($7), bite-size steamed shrimp dumplings perfect for dipping and then popping into your mouth. The restaurant also offers pan-fried dumplings.  Hae Mool Pa Jun ($8) also makes for a nice starter.  These scallion pancakes are stuffed with bits of fresh fresh seafood.

Hot stews and soups are perfect for when there’s a chill in the air.   A huge bowl of spinach soup ($11) takes on a briny flavor with the addition of fresh clams, while the Kalbi Tang ($15), made with short ribs in a clear beef broth, will satisfy any carnivore.  Casseroles piping hot from the oven feature your choice of beef, pork or fish.  Or you can eliminate the meat altogether as one of my dining companions did, creating a wonderful dish filled with glass noodles and silky tofu in a spicy hot broth.

Kids (adults too!) will love watching the grilled meats cooked up tableside on a mini grill.  My favorite is the Kalbi; tender short ribs ($28) smothered in Korean BBQ sauce that sizzled as our doting waiter made sure they were cooked perfectly.  Then, grab some chopsticks and dig in.  It’s wonderful fun and delicious too.  You can also order grilled shrimp, chicken or spicy pork.   Wash it down with some Asian beer or Korean plum wine.

For dessert, a few sticks of gum.

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge

Kimchee Korean Cuisine
9324 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 218-3190

Entree Price: $10-$25
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes